Welcome to Abbott Analytical

Abbott Analytical is a small independent company operating from purpose built laboratories in the  industrial area of North Wirral. Established in 1998 we specialise in the microbiological assessment  of biocidal products (Disinfectants and Preservatives) through efficacy testing. Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience in laboratory testing and keep abreast of relevant changes in legislation  through membership of and active participation in a number of Industry specific technical groups.


Efficacy Testing

Biocidal formulations (Disinfectant products) are tested for antimicrobial activity using current EN standard test procedures. Our clients have a wide range of market activities from Medical and Veterinary to Food and Institutional areas and we work closely with them in all aspects of product development.



Both Cosmetic products and Pharmaceutical preparations are prone to microbiological attack and preservatives are often added to prevent this deterioration. We undertake efficacy testing of these preservatives using methods detailed in the European Pharmacopoeia (PET tests). We also carry out routine batch screening of products for microbial contamination as required by the Cosmetics Regulations.


ISO Certification

Abbott Analytical is working towards ISO 17025 and UKAS accreditation. The laboratory has in place a control manual and all laboratory control parameters are monitored and logged. Methods used are those of the CEN Technical Group (EN test protocols) for disinfectants and the European Pharmacopoeia for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.


Contact Us

Contact us at Abbott Analytical via Phone or Email.

We have also put together a location map for customers attending meetings at our facilities near Birkenhead.


  • Batch testing of disinfectants to EN Protocols
  • Efficacy testing of Disinfectants to support label claims
  • EN testing to support extended label claim (non-standard organisms)
  • EN testing to aid product development
  • Adapted testing to satisfy EHO short contact times (1276 & 13697)
  • Batch testing Cosmetics for microbiological contamination
  • Batch testing Pharmaceuticals for microbiological contamination
  • PET testing for new and existing products

How can Abbott Analytical help you?

Whether you have existing product lines and you need to extend the efficacy data for those products, or you are changing formulations because of the withdrawal of active components due to the non support under BPD we can provide you with the microbiological data to support your label claims. We provide a fast reliable service based on 16 years experience in the industry.

We offer a rapid turnaround for routine batch checks for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to enable you to get you products out of the warehouse and into the market as quick as possible minimising the
delay between production and dispatch.

Call us or email us for further information and your free copy of our price list and user friendly guide to
testing requirements.

Dave Watson. Tel: +44 (0)151 345 6753
Tony Watson. Tel: +44 (0)151 345 6753

Email: enqs@abbottanalytical.co.uk