Is Beeswax Antimicrobial?

Over recent years beeswax has gained popularity within the cosmetics industry. It is commonly found in lip balms, moisturisers, shaving creams  and other cosmetic products. Beeswax is what bees construct honeycomb from and is composed of mainly hydrocarbons and long chain fatty acids, but is it antimicrobial?

It is often believed that beeswax is antimicrobial, however due to its composition, microbial susceptibility can vary between hives and seasons. There has been limited research into the antimicrobial properties of beeswax alone and many have been inconclusive due to differing extraction methods. However, there has been some evidence that beeswax has antibacterial properties when combined with other ingredients such as honey or alcohol.

An overview of some of this research can be read in the scientific paper below:

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