Strep A Outbreak


Recently there have been reports on an outbreak of Strep A bacteria within the UK. Below is a brief overview of what Strep A is and how we can prevent it from spreading.

What is Strep A?

Streptococci (Strep) A is a gram positive bacteria that can cause mild infections such as ‘strep throat’, scarlet fever or minor skin infections. However, when contracted by people with weak immune systems such as young babies and the elderly, the bacteria can cause invasive infections such as meningitis.

How is it spread?

Strep A can be spread when someone with an infection coughs or sneezes or through direct contact.

How can you prevent the spread of Strep A?

1) Frequent handwashing (we recommend the use of antibacterial soaps that have passed EN 1276 and EN 1499)

2) When cleaning at home or work use a quality disinfectant (we recommend the use of disinfectants that have passed EN 1276 and EN 13697)


For more information see the NHS or Public Health England Websites.